website layout design

Create a clean website layout in Photoshop


A well-designed web layout conveys the right information to the viewer and it should be visually appealing, yet not distracting. Moreover, it doesnt matter what’s the topic of discussion, everyone should be able to understand the main message of the website. If your site contains some streaming video and tables, then consider the fact that a site doesn’t have to make Spelling & Grammar Errors. Website design is an art, but also it is a science. One has to be careful that, it doesn’t exclude any features that user might be interested in, it should be easy to follow and it should turn the user into a regular website advertiser.

Responsive web design is whats needed

Responsive Web Design means different things to different people. In general, responsive design shows a package or layout that lets the user see/view all the contents without any degradation of look. Thus, it quite literally puts content into a column and deals with that one at a time, giving the user several choices. There are basically two types of responsive designs:

Type of responsive website design

This is the kind of website design where the background-colour of the page, priority and the other elements are adjusted accordingly, according to the available space. This gives the user several alternatives and helps him/her to distinguish the content/ phenomenon that he/she wants.

In other words, the idea is to arrange the content in such a way that the initial impression of the user on the page is positive. This kind of website design is useful for those individuals that have less space on their website which may include videos, pictures, mp3 or other files of daily use. Such people will find it pleasant to rest assured that their concentration will not be diverted for any reason whatsoever.

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