Bespoke software

Advantages of Outsourcing Bespoke Software Development


Bespoke Software development is usually bespoke development where the software is developed around the specific requirements of a business, which is then sold on to the customer. This is usually pre-defined but can be changed based on the specifics of the business these are developed around. Bespoke development is a particularly sensitive field and many companies and individuals do not take any responsibility for the software developed, as they would for a ‘ washed out’ software developer.

The advantages of outsourcing these software development requirements are primarily that the cost of the software is less, the risk is smaller and it is normally completed within a set timeframe. The downside to outsourcing is that the external parties who develop the software are not always the most experienced in the field. During the developing stage it is necessary to do frequent re-work on the software to make it presentable for customers. This is where software outsourcing comes in.

Depending on the kind of business and the functionality desired it can be decided to use one of the above business processes. trimmed down versions of the software which are tailored down to the business requirements, these are great for small businesses and at a fraction of the cost of having a bespoke software developer create the entire software.

Some businesses are also able to use parts of the software already developed to create a customised package. This software is usually cheaper than creating a bespoke software package and it is often able to be tailored even further to the specific business requirements of the customer.

So what is the difference between a bespoke software package and outsourcing both aspects of software development?

Removing the risk of having a troubled bespoke software developer:Operating in a market where one supplier controls 80% of the market place ensures that you face fierce competition. This means that your costs are controlled by this supplier and not by the supplier you’d like to use. Businesses in this market often have the benefit of suppliers where one owner/manager controls the business and the other owner(s) holds a percentage of the company.

This results in a much more honest relationship: One where the owner is not always ripping off the other for the profits. Bespoke software development ensures that you are doing business with the best company and this should guarantee the long term future of your business.

An issue for many businesses is that they often purchase software which is suitable for their business requirements, only to find that the software does not suit the business and the business wants to remove it, believing this is costing them more. Bespoke software development removes the risk of this happening as well as ensuring that the software meets all the business requirements of its client, as the software is developed specifically for the business.

Because the long term costs of the project are known before they begin, greater efficiency is allowed, meaning that greater savings can be made and done.Professional advice is given to choose the best software which is tailored to the business, as much as possible to ensure the software is suitable and meets all the business needs of the customer, instead of the other way around.Before committing to a project and paying for it, checks are made to ensure that what is being purchased is the right one.This is done to ensure that the software is compatible to the company’s current system and that the software’s supplier is an honest and reputable company.

Benefits of Bespoke Software Development

• The software developed is completely original and unique to the business using it.• The software can be altered to fit the needs of the business• The software can be used as it is or as a pre-Toolmoney version• The software supplier is responsible for any costs associated with customisation of the software• Software packages are suitable for global outsourcing and can be altered to specific domestic needs• The software can be tailored to meet the needs of the business using it and the supplier is not in the business of creating software packages for individual domestic use.

The advantages of bespoke software development is that it is developing software which will meet the needs of your specific business. In a world where the internet erases the difference between products and services, there is a feeling that all buyers are alike, and when you can customize software to your customer’s needs, this reinforce customer loyalty.

The disadvantage of bespoke software development is the cost. Before you committed to buying pre- Tool Money software packages, you had to calculate the total cost of the development, including the fact that development time could take many months, but with bespoke software development, you have to take into account the fact that the development company will invest time into the software, design a product which you desire, give you a design and let you have it.